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disableAutoPost() - Method in class com.andre601.javabotblockapi.requests.PostAction
Shuts down the scheduler, to stop the automatic posting.
DISCORD_BOATS - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORD_BOTS_GG - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDAPPS_DEV - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDBOT_WORLD - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDBOTLIST_COM - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDBOTREVIEWS_XYZ - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDBOTS_FUN - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDBOTS_ORG - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
Use TOP_GG insetad.
This option still works, but is no longer supported, nor recommended!
DISCORDEXTREMELIST_XYZ - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DISCORDSBESTBOTS_XYZ - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
DIVINEDISCORDBOTS_COM - com.andre601.javabotblockapi.Site
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